Portfolio Website for Karan Kowshik
This project entailed crafting a highly responsive portfolio website for Karan Kowshik, a distinguished UI/UX and Web Designer. GatsbyJS was leveraged to realize a fully-functional portfolio website, with dynamically generated pages that ensures a highly-engaging and seamless user experience. The website's overall design and layout was bolstered using TailwindCSS, while Framer Motion was utilized to add an extra layer of visual appeal with its animations.
Tailwind CSS
Framer Motion

It was amazing working with Sriram on my portfolio. Being a UI/UX designer I had specific requirements in terms of pixel perfection and smooth complex animations. Sriram took on these challenges brilliantly, delivering exactly what I was looking for. It was an amazing journey collaborating with him and I learned a lot of things during that time.

Karan Kowshik | UI/UX & Web Designer