I worked as a Software Engineer Intern at Dhiyo.ai, a Multilingual Conversational AI Platform to Employ blue calller workers. I mainly worked on overhauling Dhiyo's company website rebuilding it with latest tools and technologies. I also worked on some of the side projects such as a Jio Phone version of Dhiyo and a job fair platform.
Key focus: ReactJS, GatsbyJS, NodeJS, Material UI, TailwindCSS
DECEMBER 2020 - MARCH 2021
Software Engineer Intern

Interned at Dhiyo.ai, working on various core projects including the complete overhaul of Dhiyo's company website.

DECEMBER 2020 - MARCH 2021
Dhiyo Company Website

I worked on the development of a brand new website for Dhiyo which needed an overhaul in terms of design and technology. The project involved setting up the codebase with the required plugins and CSS libraries, development of all the required screens with functionality following the design given, implementing serverless functions for captcha and form handling, integrating feedback and deploying the website with domain setup.

MARCH 2021
Dhiyo Jio Phone App

I worked on the frontend development of a Jio Phone application for Dhiyo which included the essence of the platform with minimal features. The application had to be built keeping in mind the limited screensize and functionalities of a keypad phone. This application was tested on the phone and sent to the Jio Team for publishing.

MARCH 2021
Dhiyo Job Fair Platform

I worked on the frontend development of a Job Fair web platform for Dhiyo where attendees of a job fair could register and apply to jobs with their resumes in a job fair. Factors such as low network connectivity, offline persistence and other aspects of a crowded limited network access place had to be considered while developing this portal.