As a Software Engineer at BETSOL, a leading data management and intelligent automation company, I had the opportunity to work on the company's new SaaS platform, Sentinel. My journey began with extensive R&D, where I conducted in-depth research on a variety of solutions that could benefit the project. As the project transitioned into the development phase, I took on the role of a frontend developer, leveraging my expertise in building intuitive and user-friendly interfaces.
Key focus: ReactJS, Redux, NodeJS, Material UI, Auth0, Agile/SAFe
Software Engineer

As a Software Engineer at BETSOL, I worked on the company's new SaaS platform, Sentinel, taking ownership of features, liaising with the UI/UX team, and playing a key role in decision-making. In addition, I have mentored junior team members, improving team performance and individual growth. I also played a critical role in PI planning and sprint grooming sessions, dividing feature requirements into user stories and delegating tasks among the team.

JULY 2021 - JANUARY 2023
Associate Software Engineer

Worked as an Associate Software Engineer on BETSOL’s new SaaS platform as a Frontend Developer, developing and building critical features during the initial phases of the project.


Sentinel is BETSOL's new SaaS platform for creating, managing and notifying subscriptions. It will enable a given user to view, backup and restore all of their devices’ data in one spot.

Being a part of a brand new project, apart from being a frontend developer, I worked on a lot of R&D as well before the start of development.

Some of my contributions to the project include:

- Researched, documented, and built POCs for various subscription management and user management services.
- Actively contributed to critical product design and wireframing sessions, shaping the final product.
- Set up the initial codebase for the project including aspects like finalizing the folder structure, Material UI Global theme config, Sonarqube, etc.
- Developed and owned various features' end-to-end implementation, ensuring strict adherence to design and code quality guidelines.
- Effectively handled payment-related features utilizing hosted components from payment gateways, while following the PCI guidelines.
- Implemented role-based access and sectioning and routing logic for the entire frontend application.

Above and Beyond Award

Received the above and beyond award for continued efforts towards the frontend codebase of Sentinel. This award was awarded for recognizing efforts in taking ownership of multiple features and modules of the project and performing R&D and improving the performance of the codbase as well as mentoring of juniors.

Best Training Award - React

The best training award was nominated by the campus batch of 2022. Among all the training subjects and topics, training conducted for react was voted the best.

Spot Award

Was awarded the Spot Award to recognize efforts put into researching new frameworks and services and building POCs during the R&D phase of Sentinel.

APRIL 2022
Team Excellence - Sentinel

The team excellence award was awarded to the Sentinel team for building the initial version of SaaS platform with multiple features within a short period of time.

JULY 2022
Team Excellence - Campus recruitment

Was part of the campus interview panel team which won the team excellence award for interviewing 10,000 students from 160 colleges pan India.

JULY 2022
Campus Training

I was one of the trainers for the Javascript and ReactJS training for the 2022 campus batch. My responsibilites included finalizing the syllabus, developing slides and content, designing projects and assignments and framing quiz questions. The training sessions went on for 3 days which included 3 code along projects and one final project assignment.

Internship Mentoring

I mentored multiple batches of interns on a new in-house product helping HRs onboard employees with ease. My responsibilities include overseeing the progress of the project, assigning tasks, teaching and mentoring when needed, taking technical decisions based on R&D performed and continuously evaluate the interns based on their performance.